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It is with the greatest of pleasure that we have launched the Attagirls Club, and for several reasons! 
First and foremost, we wanted a club that embodies just how exciting it is to work in aviation. We aim to take that up a notch by bringing together female aviators from all corners of the world into an environment that fits their profession … exclusive, bold and exciting. Aviators know better than anyone that there is no way to describe flying … it's really the experience that defines it. 


We would love to see the Club bring together a thriving community of Attagirls, but more-so, we would like to change that all-important figure … 5% … the ratio of female to male pilots internationally. We hope the Club will spark interest from today’s youth into considering a flightpath into the aviation industry and with guidance from our experienced Attagirls.


The other reason is the symbiotic connection with the other parts of the Attagirls project; the book, the pilot scholarship and (hopefully) an upcoming feature film. These wonderful elements to the Attagirls brand will honour those women who were our inspiration and who set the standard for women in aviation … the female pilots of the Air Transport Auxiliary (‘ATA’). Their dream was always to fly in what was then the male-dominated world of the RAF. However they had a dream and they went for it and when they got knocked back, they got back up, dusted themselves off, re-evaluated, re-focussed and carried on. They embraced every opportunity, ultimately epitomising the term ‘courage under pressure’. 


The Attagirls project is a powerhouse for female aviators everywhere and you can be a big part of it. We would be honoured to welcome you as an Attagirl.

Aetheris Avidi

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