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Social Pop-ups & Experiential Events
The Attagirls Club provides opportunities to engage with an international community at regular social pop-ups, experiential events and online. Whether you are working in the commercial aviation sector, the military or training for your PPL, the club will give you access to a network of likeminded individuals plus info and opportunities to further your aviation interest and career. Join our community of jet-setting Attagirls.
Attagirls Dog Tag & Call Sign
Every Attagirl receives our customised dog tag with the club logo, their signature call sign and membership number on the reverse as a form of ID. Made from sterling silver, these are beautiful luxury pieces of jewellery hand-crafted by Morgan & French. 
The Merch
The Merch is a webshop exclusively for members, offering club branded aviation-themed merchandise including items from corporate partners and collaborators. Members have the opportunity to raise funding for their own aviation-related philanthropic projects.
The Chit-Chat
Wherever you are and whatever you need, your Attagirls community is just a Chit-Chat away. A members only online comms-network providing the latest news and developments within the Attagirls world. The name Chit-Chat was derived from the word 'chitties' or 'chits' that were issued to the pilots of the Air Transport Auxiliary ('ATA') during WWII and which contained details of their ferrying tasks whereby they delivered various aircraft from A to B.
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The Attagirls-on-Air YouTube channel showcases the Attagirls Club community, providing an inside glimpse into the world of club members. The channel will share cutting-edge developments for professionals and enthusiasts who share a passion for flying.
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The Attagirls Ball
We are planning the first Attagirls Ball which will take place in summer 2025. The black-tie event will be available to Attagirls and their plus ones and promises to be one of the highlights of the aviation calendar. In addition to a charity auction, an award will be presented to a female who has been a significant influence in the aviation industry during the previous year.
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