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The brand name ‘Attagirls’ relates to the nickname given to the young female aviators of the Air Transport Auxiliary (‘ATA’). Their bravery and determination played a vital part in changing the course of history. The ATA, founded at the outbreak of World War II, was a British civilian organisation which made an enormous contribution to victory by taking over from RAF pilots the task of ferrying warplanes between factories, maintenance units and front-line squadrons. The Attagirls Club has embraced the ATA motto Aetheris Avidi  (Eager for the Air).
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Feature Film
The new drama feature film ‘Attagirls’ is in development by the UK-based production company Aetheris Films ( Attagirls will tell the story of the female pilots of the ATA. Although a 1940’s story, the ambience, style and production design of the film will be colourful, current and dynamic with characters, costumes and music that are 21st century aspirational. Aetheris intends to appoint a prominent female director. 
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The Novel
Recently published as a hardback by Aetheris Publishing. The story centres around 22-year-old Molly Rose, a flight engineer and pilot in her family’s aviation business, who joins the ATA which is tasked to deliver aircraft from factories and maintenance units to the RAF’s front-line squadrons. Accepted into an intense training program and posted to an all-women ferry pool, Molly has to adapt quickly to an organisation made up of pilots from diverse backgrounds, all of whom share the same insatiable appetite to fly. This is a story of love, passion and overcoming adversity both on the ground and in the air. (Available via The Merch)
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Motivational Talks
As part of our endeavour to increase the ratio of female to male pilots (which currently stands at circa 5% internationally), we would like to encourage the talented youth to consider an aviation career. In addition to our PPL scholarship, a series of Attagirls inspirational talks are taking place at some of the UK’s leading schools, universities, airports and aircraft museums. What started as informal chats about the Attagirls book and film has since developed into motivational seminars for those who have embraced the story’s heroine Molly Rose as an inspirational idol. 

We are sourcing a number of sponsors and associates who can provide a range of aviation-related unique experiences, special offers, career advancement and social opportunities for club members.
We are thrilled to introduce our first associate ‘Morgan & French’ as the jewellers of our Attagirls dog tags. @morganandfrenchuk

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